Blog Series Week Two: Bird Intelligence

Written By: Sarah Girton This week is probably my favorite topic in our blog series. It's a field of study that is continually revealing new discoveries, thus bringing newfound respect and appreciation for birds. In the past, many of the studies conducted on birds focused on behavior and biology, leaving us with a poor impression... Continue Reading →

Blog Series Week One: Bird Beauty

Written By: Sarah Girton American Goldfinch Rainbow Lorikeet Resplendent Quetzal Our first stop in our blog series focuses on the beauty of birds; their shining colors, their enchanting songs, and a few various mating behaviors where beauty is a deciding factor for mate selection. Obviously there is so much more to this diverse topic than... Continue Reading →

Blog Series: Why We Love Birds

Written By: Sarah Girton To kick off the launch of our store blog, why not delve into the heart of it all? The reason we are all here, the reason we feed birds, is because we love them! In fact, throughout human history, birds have fascinated and inspired us. From antiquity to the present day,... Continue Reading →

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