The Fascinating, Fabulous Feather

Written By: Sarah Girton One of the most identifying features of birds, the feather is a hallmark of evolutionary specialization. These highly-versatile plumes aid birds in flight, keeping warm, attracting mates, and warding off predators.  Science of the Feather Interestingly, the molecular structure of the feather allows it to be an even tougher keratin material... Continue Reading →

Blog Series Week Four: Bird Humor

Written By: Sarah Girton It's our final week in the blog series! I hope you've enjoyed the previous posts, and hopefully picked up a couple of new fun facts. After all the serious, science-y talk, I figured I'd end with something a little more lighthearted and fun! This post won't be terribly informative; basically I... Continue Reading →

Blog Series Week Three: Bird Flight

Written By: Sarah Girton "A blog series about birds, and you haven't even talked about flying yet?!" I know, right?  Without question, the most amazing thing about birds is their ability to seemingly defy gravity and take to the skies. Whether they take off right from the ground, or need a running start, they make... Continue Reading →

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