Invasive Bird Species

Written By: Sarah Girton It is an unfortunate reality that human activity has caused the accidental or intentional relocation of thousands of species across the planet. Rarely, those species end up finding their own niche in the local ecosystem, but more often they wreak havoc on the environment. Some notable examples are the Brown Tree... Continue Reading →

Beaks: The Ultimate Multi-Tool

Written By: Sarah Girton Have you ever thought about all the different kinds of beaks in the bird world? It's not usually something one might dwell on, but if you think about it, there are a ton of different beak designs out there! Each one serves a unique purpose based on the birds' preferred food... Continue Reading →

8 Things to Love About Crows

Written By: Sarah Girton Crows are one of the most commonly encountered birds in towns, countrysides, and suburbs. They are considered a nuisance to a lot of people, but those who’ve studied them know that there is actually a lot to love about them! Have you ever wondered what goes on behind these deep black... Continue Reading →

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