Bird Extinction (Part 2)

Written By: Sarah Girton Last week we took a close look at 5 species of birds who have gone extinct in the last few hundred years. This week we will look at 5 more, before switching to feel-good stories about birds who almost went extinct but were brought back to large, sustained breeding populations thanks... Continue Reading →

Blog Series: Bird Extinction (Part 1)

Written By: Sarah Girton The world is full of thousands of amazing bird species. But human activity has driven many to extinction. An article published in the academic journal PLoS Biology estimates that 129 species of birds have gone extinct since 1500 due to human activity. For much of human history, the concept of extinction... Continue Reading →

Birds Make Me Happy!

Written By: Sarah Girton If you feel happy and rejuvenated after being around birds, you’re not alone. The positive effect that birds can have on human mental health is well documented. This week I wanted to hear from you, and how birds have positively affected your life, whether it’s just a small bit of joy... Continue Reading →

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