Birds Make Me Happy!

Written By: Sarah Girton

If you feel happy and rejuvenated after being around birds, you’re not alone. The positive effect that birds can have on human mental health is well documented. This week I wanted to hear from you, and how birds have positively affected your life, whether it’s just a small bit of joy during the day, or a beloved hobby! Here is what people are saying:

“Bird watching is a hobby I shared with my mother until her death in 2001. We would often go bird watching together. Bird watching still seems to connect me to my mother. It brings me comfort and joy. And during the pandemic, birding helped me keep my sanity.”
-Beth J

“I have a had [sic] a bird feeder up for years with just general seed mix. I never really paid attention to what kind of Birds I was getting. Then COVID happened and in addition to mandatory work from home, I was stuck in this house alone 99% of the time. I started paying attention and learning about my. Backyard birds and the different ( better options) for seed and presentation. I can honestly say I was shocked at the variety of species I see right in my own backyard. Bird watching saved me from going crazy from solitude and I’ve become addicted to my bird visits. I’ve literally had everything from a big red tail hawk, affectionately known as Large Marge to hummingbirds. Bird watching :definately [sic] got me through the pandemic with my sanity intact”
-Melissa T

“The little tufted titmouse birds are so cute. I love their little chirps. They make me smile.”
-Calvin W

“There’s nothing like listening to the sound of a spotted Towhee scratching in the leaves first thing in the morning.
I love learning about and learning how to identifying [sic] new birds. It brings me joy to spot a new bird and to be able to share them with others.”
-Samantha W

“I have my feeders outside my home office window. My work can get pretty stressful. When it does I can look out my window and feel better right a way. The other day was crazy busy, i looked out and I had Jays, Doves, finches and two gorgeous Northern Flickers!! Plus lots of cute fluffy squirrels! Made me happy. I will confess, I ended up watching and taking pictures for quite awhile… when I should have been working!”
-Dirza D

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. It was so fun for me to read these beautiful stories. How have birds affected YOUR life? Let me know in the comments 😃

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  1. I recently went on a trip to Australia – with a lighthouse group, but of course I was equally interested in all of the amazing birds! By the end of the trip there were so many in the group seeking out, and finding, birds at every stop, it was a blast!

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