Everything to Know About Helping Baby Birds

Written By: Sarah Girton wildbirdfund.org ──────────── Every spring and summer, wildlife rehabbers are inundated with calls from people finding baby birds that appear to be in danger or in distress. And many of these callers are asked further questions to determine whether or not the bird actually needs help. Quite often, the birds in question... Continue Reading →

Why Feeding Birds is like Barkeeping

Written By: Sarah Girton I always watch my bird feeders in the morning when I'm drinking my coffee. This morning started as it usually does, in all its glory -- the morning chorus, the finches squabbling over seeds, robins running around the yard. And this mated pair of Eurasian Collared Doves lands on the ground... Continue Reading →

The Brilliant Design of the Egg

Written By: Sarah Girton We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the beauty of birds. Their plumage, their songs, their extravagance. But beauty in the bird world starts before they are even hatched. A bird’s first home is their egg. Carefully created by their mother’s body, and laid in a nest, eggs have almost... Continue Reading →

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