Just Some Birdy Poetry

Written By: Sarah Girton

I have decided to go in a different direction this week, and figured I’d just share a few bird-themed poems that I’ve written recently.

This first one is called I Am Not A Villain. Some birds are seen by many as pests, but to me they are all beautiful and worthy of love and appreciation.

Photo by FaiZan ALi on Unsplash


I Am Not A Villain

Just a pest before your eyes
I am the bird that you despise
Pigeon, magpie, bird of prey
Come to take your joy away

You say I kill without remorse (but I am eating)
You say I steal (I must survive)
These things I do, I know not another way
And I have chicks who need to eat

Oftentimes me and my ancestors have died to protect what is ours
Home, food, and young
Cannot you say that you would do the same thing, were you in my place?
It’s what drives us, keeps us, helps us thrive
Nature is tough, but so am I

Would you love me if I acted like you wanted me to?
How am I supposed to know what that means?
I cannot fathom changing my innate behaviors
The ones I’ve honed over millions of years of evolution
The ones that have kept me alive, like my fathers and mothers before me

I am not asking for much, I simply ask that you understand:
When I am hungry, I will eat
And it appears to you that I swarm with some devious plot to conquer, pillage, destroy.
But I stay in that huge flock because I feel so much safer when I am surrounded by my friends,
Even though it annoys you

Cunning, ruthless, vile bird, you sometimes wish that I would die
But die I will not
For my will to survive is strong
And I am a strong bird

Photo by FaiZan ALi on Unsplash


This second poem doesn’t have a name yet, it was just something simple I wrote that brought a smile to my face!

Darling little songbird
Sing your merry tune
Just like the playful thrill rides
At the fair in June

Happy little Robin
Run across the lawn
Find yourself a tasty worm
At the break of dawn

Pretty little hummingbird
Sail across the flowers
Humming like a bumblebee
I could watch for hours

Handsome little mallard
Paddle ‘cross the waters
When your chicks are hatched
You’ll have fluffy sons and daughters

All these birds bring so much life
To Mother Earth’s domain
You can be sure, where there’s a bird
There won’t be grief or pain

Jonathan Irons, Macaulay Library

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