The Advancements of Technology: Helping Evolve the Future of Bird Feeding

Written By: Jack Embery

In the ever-evolving landscape of new phones, high-resolution TVs, and the convenience of having everything just a couple of finger clicks away, bird enthusiasts and companies alike are embracing innovation to enhance the ease and knowledge within the bird feeding community.

Not too long ago, identifying a bird feasting at your feeder involved navigating through countless pages of bird identification books. However, recent strides by Cornell Labs, a member-supported unit of Cornell University dedicated to the study of birds and wildlife, have introduced a game-changer: the Merlin Bird ID app.

Photo credits: Merlin.

Accessible on both Apple and Android phones, this app leverages eBirds, a database compiling information from their 100 million annual bird sightings contributed by users globally. This ensures an always up-to-date and accurate online bird database, facilitating the identification of the birds in your vicinity.

Merlin Bird ID employs cutting-edge Sound ID technology, comparing the sounds of birds in your vicinity to those in the Merlin database for precise identification. Once identified, the app provides a comprehensive overview, including a picture of the bird, its songs and calls, and tips from experts.

The versatility of Merlin Bird ID extends beyond sound-based identification. You can also identify birds by uploading a picture or inputting specific criteria to narrow down possibilities. Additionally, the app allows you to explore the birds in your area, giving you a preview of what to expect at your feeders on a daily basis.

Gone are the days of uncertainty when encountering unfamiliar birds. Merlin Bird ID offers a user-friendly and direct approach to identify, learn about, and log your bird sightings.

You can also enhance your bird watching experience with the Haikubox. This innovative device effortlessly syncs with a dedicated app on your smartphone, providing you with real-time notifications and audio recordings of the birds in your vicinity.

Photo Credits: Haikubox

The Haikubox goes a step further by automatically reporting its findings to Cornell Labs, the masterminds behind the Merlin Bird ID app, contributing valuable data to update their extensive database. By supplying information on bird species, frequency of visits, and specific locations, you become an essential contributor to maintaining a comprehensive and current bird database.

By using the Haikubox, you become an integral part of your community, actively participating in the evolving field of bird identification. Your involvement helps shape the future of birdwatching and ensures that enthusiasts like yourself have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Elevate your birdwatching journey with the Haikubox and make a meaningful impact on the world of avian exploration.

Introducing one of the latest innovations in bird feeders worldwide—the bird feeding camera. At Wild Birds Unlimited, we proudly offer the Beakview Bird Feeder, a game-changer in the bird-watching experience.

The Beakview Camera with the Wild Birds Unlimited No Mess seed.

This unique camera provides a literal bird’s-eye view (pun intended) of your feeder and its surroundings. The Beakview Bird Feeder, renowned for its durability, takes the bird-watching experience to the next level by incorporating a built-in HD camera. This camera captures high-quality video day or night, accessible through a dedicated app on your phone. Receive instant notifications to witness the feathered visitors at your feeder from anywhere in the world.

Setting itself apart from other cameras, the Beakview Bird Feeder boasts an impressive battery life that lasts for months. For those who prefer a hassle-free experience without worrying about recharging, an optional solar panel is available, making the camera self-sustaining.

The Beakview Bird Feeder, when paired with the Merlin Bird ID app, provides a seamless solution for identifying and keeping track of all your backyard visitors effortlessly and conveniently. Elevate your bird-watching experience with this cutting-edge combination.

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