Just a Bunch of Pretty Birds

Written By: Sarah Girton This week I thought it would be fun to step back from all the informative posts and just take a moment to appreciate some good old-fashioned bird beauty! I feel I've talked a lot about parrots and birds of paradise in the past so this time we're going to explore other... Continue Reading →

Why Feeding Birds is like Barkeeping

Written By: Sarah Girton I always watch my bird feeders in the morning when I'm drinking my coffee. This morning started as it usually does, in all its glory -- the morning chorus, the finches squabbling over seeds, robins running around the yard. And this mated pair of Eurasian Collared Doves lands on the ground... Continue Reading →

The Brilliant Design of the Egg

Written By: Sarah Girton We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the beauty of birds. Their plumage, their songs, their extravagance. But beauty in the bird world starts before they are even hatched. A bird’s first home is their egg. Carefully created by their mother’s body, and laid in a nest, eggs have almost... Continue Reading →

Blog Series Week Four: Bird Humor

Written By: Sarah Girton It's our final week in the blog series! I hope you've enjoyed the previous posts, and hopefully picked up a couple of new fun facts. After all the serious, science-y talk, I figured I'd end with something a little more lighthearted and fun! This post won't be terribly informative; basically I... Continue Reading →

Blog Series Week Three: Bird Flight

Written By: Sarah Girton "A blog series about birds, and you haven't even talked about flying yet?!" I know, right?  Without question, the most amazing thing about birds is their ability to seemingly defy gravity and take to the skies. Whether they take off right from the ground, or need a running start, they make... Continue Reading →

Blog Series Week Two: Bird Intelligence

Written By: Sarah Girton This week is probably my favorite topic in our blog series. It's a field of study that is continually revealing new discoveries, thus bringing newfound respect and appreciation for birds. In the past, many of the studies conducted on birds focused on behavior and biology, leaving us with a poor impression... Continue Reading →

Blog Series Week One: Bird Beauty

Written By: Sarah Girton American Goldfinch Rainbow Lorikeet Resplendent Quetzal Our first stop in our blog series focuses on the beauty of birds; their shining colors, their enchanting songs, and a few various mating behaviors where beauty is a deciding factor for mate selection. Obviously there is so much more to this diverse topic than... Continue Reading →

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